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Last Update: 03/11/2000

Hello, this is SaD again speaking. Linuzappz is not Sope's manager anymore, since he left a few days only after taking over the project. He's now working on FPSE's linux port. Sope's can now be considered on hold, since nobody is taking care of it right now. In my case, I'm very busy with work these days, and since the whole atmosphere surrounding the emuscene (especially "new-generation consoles") has been getting real sour since a few months, I don't feel the need anymore to make any effort. When I abandonned Sope in August, I was putting a lot of my hopes of seeing a nice Open-source emu in FPSE, which is a great emulator. I even considered joining the FPSE team for a while (implementing a dynarec core for Alpha, and fixing portability issues). But, after being on the Linux-port mailing list for a while, I must say that my enthusiasm dropped down, partly because of the burden required to get a core patch accepted (for Alpha portability), but especially because of the now-famous FPSE "scandal". To answer these quite childish accusations, I will say that all the code I developed was never inspired from FPSE, and this means 95% of the code. The remaining code has been developed by Linuzappz and is focused on CD-ROM emulation. Now, it is possible that Linuzappz inspired himself from the FPSE CD code to get himself started, you'll have to ask him that ( Anyway, the reasonable way to have handled that, since Sope's code is GPLed, is to have contacted Linuzappz and to have asked him to remove any code blatantly copied from FPSE, if there were any. Sope is a program under GPL, and can't bear to have any "proprietary" and non-free code in his sourcetree. Now, I think that the Unix/Linux world could use a "truly" free (as in free speech) PSX emulator, since this is such a wonderful piece of hardware. So, anyone highly competent and motivated may contact me at the following adress:, and maybe we could make Sope resuscitate. It will need a major rewrite (I've learned a lot since I started it...), but with ideas,good will and grown-ups attitude , we may accomplish something beautiful that will make all these stupid trends in the PSX emu-scene vanish in the emptiness of the people who started them...

Hi, Screenshots page has been updated, take a look at it.

Hi everyone, I am linuzappz, sope developer. From now on I'll take the project, Sad is leaving, but he left a very good project. There have been several updates from last official release, now I'm releasing v0.04.
The news are that cdrom is working, you can't play a game at all but it starts playing, the x86 core is working fine, plugins have been added for renderer and sound (still experimental).
Plugins are:
- Renderer: Null, Opengl, Soft(X-windows,SDL,SVGAlib,AAlib)
- Sound: Null, Oss
It needs much work, but more programmers are helping.

A quick info for developers: I've opened a site at

Good news. There's a brand new snapshot in the download section, with quite a few interesting changes. In particular, a primitive x86 dynarec core has been implemented and it works quite well.

Due to the arrival of a few other programmers to help me with Sope, a snapshot of the development tree will be released at regular intervals, roughly every 1-2 weeks. The latest one can be downloaded at the download page.

Woops, it appears that the Makefile in the 0.03 release was a bit screwy so I uploaded a new source tarball (v0.03.1). If you had problems compiling or running Sope, I encourage you to re-download it (come on, it's only 40kb...).

Version 0.03 is finally out. The source is available at the download page ... Now I'll concentrate on my exams for a few weeks, but those of you who would like to help are encouraged to take a look at the code. However, before you make any changes, please contact me first, so that we don't end up doing twice the same thing.

Today's my birthday! And it is very nice to spend it the nose into physics books :-( Ha, sweet exams... Well, on the interesting side, the interpreter has now been almost completly merged into the current source code, and a lot of bugs in the Alpha dynrec core have been fixed. Looking good!

Sorry guys for this long lack of updates, but I've been rather busy these last few months (new job...). But I resumed Sope's development three weeks ago, and a lot of progress has been made. A basic recompiling engine has been implemented, although a few bugs still remain. Sope is now able to boot the PSX ROM 10 times faster than before! Also, a lot of recent events have boosted my motivation. First, the first open source HW-accelerated OpenGL drivers have been out (for the TNT and the G200). Second, a PSX development kit has been released for Linux (look at the Links page). Sope should benefit from this. Next, I'm glad to announce that the source code will be released. But before, I've got to clean up things abit, merge the interpreter into the new source tree and a lot of other details. This should take a moment, I hope not too long. I really want to release something decent. I'll keep you informed of the current events as frequently as possible.

I started coding a dynamical recompiling engine (for the alpha) about two weeks ago. It's far from being finished, but things are going quite smoothly, thanks to the help of another PSX emu author. Work on the PSX hardware side (CD-ROM, GPU, GTE, etc...) is frozen 'till I get this hopefully fast engine to work. Of course, an x86 engine should come up *quite* shortly after the alpha one. But let's not be too optimistic, it will definitely take a long time... I'll probably release v0.03 in a few days, and it will be the final release with the C-coded CPU core. Oh yes, another thing, many people asked me to release the source code. I gave them this answer: absolutely not before the recompiling engine is finished. Only after this, I'll consider this option...

Ok, I've decided to implement dynamic recompilation. I will start with the Alpha processor, and if everything goes nicely, I'll find some people to do it for other processors like the PowerPC,x86 etc... One good thing for Sope would be to implement CD-Rom, so that I could try some games to improve it (and it would me much more motivating). But for that, I'll need some help, so if you know anything about dynamic recompilation or how the CD works on the PSX, please let me know.
On the concrete side, I've implemented a nice debugger (Viva GTK!) that should ease development and decompilation...

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