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Last Update: 03/11/2000

Useful stuff to run Sope:

- Mesa

Cool PSX-related sites (where you can get bios, demos, etc...):

- Console Hack
- Insert-coin
- Hitmen PSX
- Padua Development page

Other Playstation Emulators:

- Virtual GameStation, commercial [MacOS,Winxx]
- ThePI, free [MacOS]
- PSMac, open-source [MacOS]
- Bleem, commercial [Winxx]
- PSemu Pro, free but apparently discontinued [Winxx]
- PsyKe, discontinued [Winxx]
- FPSE, open-source [Winxx]
- PcSX, free [Winxx]
- AdriPSX, free [DOS,Winxx]

Cool emulators running under Unix-like OSes

- TrueReality, a very promising N64 emulator
- Snes9x, an excellent SNES emulator
- X-Mame, the Unix port of MAME
- UAE, *the* Amiga emulator

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